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Owned and operated by Danny 'Danymal' Lee, Danymal Sound is a largely web-based music production service focusing on editing and mixing; but also offers recording for local clients (upstate NY area) via several well-established production facilities with whom we have relationships.  


We use the latest in DAW technology, including:

Avid Pro Tools 

Universal Audio 

Slate Digital


Metric Halo  

For our long-distance clients, we utilise Skype and NiceCast, which allows for a near-real-time broadcast of a live mixing session directly to your iTunes application to allow for immediate artist feedback.


Once mixing of your project has concluded, it will need to be sent for mastering. If you don't have a mastering engineer already, we have relationships with and highly recommend the following: 

Andy VanDette Mastering

Azimuth Mastering 

Silvertone Mastering

Here's an A/B comparison of a mix that a self-engineered client did by themselves, and the final mix I created and delivered to them. 

See for yourself!

:Client records available for purchase online:

:What our clients have to say:

  • "Danny cranked out a 30 song triple album for us and he immediately embraced the artists vision / emotion. We had a very tight deadline and Danny Worked with us on a daily basis for about 3 months and the communication could not have been better. He did a great job to make it seamless for us to view different versions, etc. Def. work again w/ him"
    Rick Rossa
    Producer - Michael Deej
  • "I've mastered quite a few of Danny's mixes now, and it's always a pleasure to be able to work on his projects. He's a great communicator, very accommodating, and his mixes are always top notch. It makes my job easier as a mastering engineer to have a great mix to work from, and I always know that's what I'll get from Danny!"

    Bill Henderson
    Mastering Engineer - Azimuth Mastering
  • "Danny is totally on point his skills as a mix engineer are excellent and his turnaround for project time from start to finish is very impressive. I will be using his services time and time again."

    Tim Graham
    Recording Engineer - Church Sound Solutions


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